Allows the mouse to control the 3D camera



orbitControl([sensitivityX], [sensitivityY], [sensitivityZ])


sensitivity to mouse movement along the x-axis


sensitivity to mouse movement along the y-axis


sensitivity to mouse movement along the z-axis


Allows movement around a 3D sketch using a mouse or trackpad.

  • Left-clicking and dragging will rotate the camera position about the center of the canvas (not necessarily 0, 0, 0, as you might have moved your camera before)

  • Right-clicking and dragging will shift the camera position without rotation

  • Rolling the mouse wheel or the trackpad (scrolling) will move the camera closer or further from the center of the canvas.

This function can be called with parameters dictating sensitivity to mouse movement along the X and Y axes. Calling this function without parameters is equivalent to calling orbitControl(1,1). To reverse direction of movement in either axis, enter a negative number for sensitivity.

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